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2019 is reaching its end and it's an ideal opportunity to think back and make a synopsis. It was an
extremely unique year for Passport Symphony. I began the blog in September and we just hit the
achievement of 10,000 exceptional clients today! Furthermore, it's consistently a pleasant way of
resuscitating the movement recollections of this superb year by making an arrangement of the best
10 most read travel articles of 2019.

I trust you appreciated perusing me in 2019 and that you'll stay close by for some more experiences
in the years to come. Assuming you need to remain tuned for the articles I distribute then pursue the
bulletin at the lower part of the page. Presently, we should perceive what did you folks enjoyed
finding out about the most in the previous year!

10) How to perceive ladyboys in Thailand

This was really one of my absolute first articles. I was simply attempting to compose something other
than what's expected and have some good times. Furthermore, it worked. The article doesn't have a
great deal to do with movement for what it's worth; it possibly gives you tips on the best way to
perceive ladyboys when you're in Thailand. Regardless of whether since you need to stay away from
them or in light of the fact that you need to find them. I have a great deal of involvement with this
field. Kindly don't ask how pay attention to the professional.

9) 23 list of must-dos objections you ought to go to before you kick the bucket

spots to see before you pass on

The list of must-dos post. Each touring blog has somewhere around one. A piece buzzword, I know.
However, I can ensure my list of must-dos isn't the common '7 miracles of the world and Co.' type.
On the off chance that you like getting lost outside of what might be expected, this list of must-dos
can give you some incredible ideas. Our planet is, without a doubt, a glorious spot with innumerable
amazing sights standing by to be found. Goody gumdrops, was it difficult to put just 23 puts on this
list of must-dos.

Daily routine examples I learned as an expat experiencing in India

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8) The 13 most normal tricks in Southeast Asia and how to keep away from them

10 most read travel articles of 2017

Vacation travel planning concept with map. Overhead view of equipment for travelers. Travel concept background, young Asian woman. Travel holiday, summer.

Basically all nations in SE Asia (possibly with the exception of Singapore) can be nicknamed the
'hiking heaven'. All nations in the area (again with the exception of Singapore) are truly modest for
convenience and voyaging, have astonishing food, and are truly protected. Nonetheless, that doesn't
imply that they are without wrongdoing. Wherever on the planet where there are travelers, there
will be tricksters as well. What's more, individuals that earn enough to pay the rent out of deceiving
travelers. Assuming you need to visit SE Asia one year from now, ensure you read this article about
the 13 most normal tricks in Southeast Asia.

7) 16 new kid on the block botches everything explorers do

new kid on the block botches everything explorers do

People commit errors. Particularly when voyaging. Indeed, even the most experienced ones. That is
the reason sightseeing websites like Passport Symphony are hanging around for. To help to
remember a few things you may neglect to do. Or then again to inform you concerning a few things
you ought to do yet didn't have the foggiest idea. At the point when you're arranging your next trip
investigate this far reaching rundown of rooky botches individuals do when voyaging. Gain from
others' experience and make a point to make the most out of your outing by not rehashing similar

6) Budget travel tips: 19 cash saving hacks for solo voyagers

Flight hacks, booking hacks, cash trade hacks, banking hacks, innovation hacks. This article has
everything. If you don't accept, feel free to apply a portion of these tips on your next trip. You'll say
thanks to me later. The statement 'Voyaging is costly' is gradually turning into a legend in the 21st
century. You can travel anyplace by going through much less cash than you might suspect. How? Feel
free to peruse the article. You will love it.

5) Hanoi: a tale about the city of lakes, bicycles and excellent bedlam

what should be done in hanoi

I sincerely didn't imagine that an aide about a city will be so high on the rundown and this comes as
an amazement to me too however the Hanoi go aide came to top 5. Vietnam is an astonishing
country, unique in relation to anything you saw previously. Also, Hanoi is one of the significant
justifications for why. The city of 8 million individuals and 8 million bicycles. After I visited I think
there are much a bigger number of bicycles than individuals. Some astonishing things happened to
me in Hanoi. So this aide covers not just the spots to see, where to eat, and how to drive yet in
addition the best and most exceedingly terrible thing that can happen to you in Hanoi, the two of
which happened to me.

4) Kashmir stories section 4: Pangong Tso and how snoozing saved my life

10 most read travel articles of 2017

Kashmir was likely my most interesting travel experience of all time. I turned into the principal
Macedonian to climb Stok Kangri (6,153 m). Saw the absolute most excellent mountain scenes on the
planet. Rode a Bactrian (triple-bump) camel. Became mixed up in the virus desert. I nearly passed on.
Indeed! On the off chance that I didn't stay in bed and miss my transport, I would have gone to
Srinagar with the transport that was at last held hostage by the outfitted revolutionaries in the
environmental elements of Srinagar. In case you're a devotee of experience, you'll basically adore
this article.

3) A couple of things I wish I knew prior to going to Vietnam


Shockingly, this is the second article in the main 5 that is about Vietnam. Vietnam truly is an
astounding country not the same as the remainder of SE Asia. Essentially, there's no nation like it
anyplace on the planet. Vietnam isn't so touristy like a portion of its neighbors yet it makes them
stun places. Beguiling town the travel industry, stunning caverns, rough straights, and astonishing
food. Notwithstanding, be ready for a gigantic culture shock. What's more, becoming amazing at
going across the road. I'm not kidding. You should be a specialist to go across the road. Recollect the
8 million bicycles of Hanoi? In any case, I composed this article to impart some significant things
about Vietnam to individuals that intend to visit this astonishing country later on. In this way, best of

2) How I went around Southeast Asia with $15 each day

The title of this article was excessively shocking and I generally expected to bring a ton of
perspectives. Furthermore, this article didn't disillusion. It was the second most read article of the

year and it presented to me a great deal of positive remarks. On the off chance that Southeast Asia is
essential for your arrangements for the following year make a point to peruse this article before you
go. It will assist you with setting aside a ton of cash and make the most out of your outing.

1) 9 significant life examples India educated me

taj mahal individuals

Truth be told, this is one of my unsurpassed most loved articles as well. Furthermore, I'm happy it got
the most peruses. India has and consistently will have a unique hart in my heart. I went through a
year living as an expat in India. Furthermore, in case Vietnam is something else altogether than
anything you at any point saw, I could say India is a completely unique planet. This nation was quite
difficult for me, yet additionally an extraordinary instructor. I went through various challenges and
grew a great deal personally. And negative, it's anything but a misleading content: India really
showed me some significant life illustrations. An emphatically prescribed read for individuals that
need to visit India one year from now, particularly future (and present) expats.

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