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Setting up GIT on Mac OS X

GIT is version control technology created by Linus Torvalds. Getting GIT configured on your system requires a few steps to set up initially. To install and use GIT with a Mac OSX operating system, first download GIT from http://git-scm.com/

Once you have downloaded the files, run the .dmg file to install GIT on your machine.

Now once GIT is installed, it is a good idea to edit your .bash_profile file to enable you to use it more easily. The .bash_profile file is hidden, so first show your hidden files by using the following command in terminal:

defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES

This will set finder to show all files. Now you must restart finder by using the following command in Terminal:

killall Finder

Finder should now restart and hidden files will be displayed. Next navigate to your home directory and enter into Terminal the following command:

touch .bash_profile

If you look in your finder, because hidden files are displayed you should now be able to see the .bash_profile file. Open this file in your favourite text editor, and add the following:

export PATH={PATH}:/usr/local/git/bin

Each directory specified in your .bash_profile file is separated with a colon. Save and close the file and head back into Terminal. You should now be able to run GIT from the Terminal by simply entering git as a command.

MTASC permission denied error fix.

Recently I received a shiny new Mac which I have been setting up for development. Im using the open source MTASC compiler for some projects which is used for compilation of the SWF files. However after checking out the repository onto my new machine I received this error when running the compiler either from Terminal or from within the ANT script used to build the project:

/Users/craigbeswetherick/Grindhead/clientname/projectname/build.xml:31: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "../tools/mtasc-1.12-osx/mtasc": error=13, Permission denied

To fix this problem, use Terminal and use the following command to change the permissions granted to MTASC. Type chmod 777 specifying the path to the file. Alternatively you can use the cd command to navigate to the folder of the application and then run chmod 777

You should now be able to compile SWF’s using MTASC again.