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The Cloud WIFI HTML5 Survey

The Cloud Desktop Mobile

The Cloud Desktop Mobile

We created a HTML5 website for Sky owned WIFI service The Cloud with RPM that was targeted for mobile browsers. The website had to display well on tablets and phones, supporting both iOS and Android. The project was promoted in several London underground stations and a was prize offered to users who completed a questionnaire.

The Cloud on Tablets

The Cloud on Tablets

Introducing: City Defender for Blackberry Playbook

City Defender

City Defender for Blackberry Playbook

City Defender is a soon to be released defence game for tablet devices born out of a desire to create a project for the Blackberry Playbook, sent to me by the kind people over and Blackberry. The lovely artwork has been created by my good friend Jimp and will be available free on the App World very shortly. Releases on other tablets will follow soon afterwards.

Blackberry Playbook development with AIR: I am now a Playbook Developer!

Blackberry, as you may have seen advertised, has had a tablet in development for some time now called the Playbook. Although I was aware of the Playbook at this time, I was properly introduced to the technology at a TIGA meeting where Anders Jeppsson demonstrated the capabilities of the product to us all.

Blackberry Playbook

My new, free Blackberry Playbook!

One of the really great features of the Playbook is that it is able to run Flash content really well, meaning there is a huge library of legacy content out there just waiting to be ported to the Playbook. I navigated to Kongregate to have a look at some of the titles there and to get a better picture of the performance. Surprisingly, a lot of the non mobile specific content ran very well with decent frame rates, however some high end games with very complex visuals such as Elephant Quest were not really playable.

Since then Blackberry have been kind enough to send me a free Playbook so I can develop games for the device. Initial set up is lengthy, but the article Using Flash Builder 4.5 to Package Applications for BlackBerry Tablet OS Devices provided all the information I needed to develop using my IDE of choice.

I cannot wait to get some games out there on the Blackerry Playbook. Im happy that they have implemented AIR so well into the operating system, although the product is a bit short in other areas. The App World needs a lot more applications, so I hope more Flash developers will make the effort to release their more popular titles on the device.