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The July London Flash Platform User Group meeting is just around the corner

This month, on the 28th, the LFPUG meeting is at Triton street, London , continuing the tour. Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

The first presentation is Blackberry Playbook Development Roadmap by Andre Fabris. This talk will cover :

different development environments, tools and, commercialization services and offer insight into both the future roadmap for developing apps on the BlackBerry platform and how to best monetize your app through BlackBerry App World

I am looking forward to this talk, after receiving a Playbook I was impressed by its hardware and have spent some time creating applications for it. I have also seen reports of RIM dropping the Playbook already, so it would be good to ask some questions about this.

The second talk is one that I am really looking forward to: Entity Systems – A Better Way to Develop Games by Tom Davies. Tom is a 10 year vet of the Flash development circuit and a with a lot of experience creating game. I am really looking forward to hearing his views on Entity Systems and his open source game engine, Ember.

For more information regarding the London Flash Platform User Group meeting, visit http://www.lfpug.com/

Introducing: City Defender for Blackberry Playbook

City Defender

City Defender for Blackberry Playbook

City Defender is a soon to be released defence game for tablet devices born out of a desire to create a project for the Blackberry Playbook, sent to me by the kind people over and Blackberry. The lovely artwork has been created by my good friend Jimp and will be available free on the App World very shortly. Releases on other tablets will follow soon afterwards.

Blackberry are currently offering free Signing Keys for mobile and tablet devices.

If you are interested in porting your Flash content to the newly released Playbook, or you want to make content for any of Blackberrys handsets, then you need signing keys to be able to do so. Apple currently charge developers $100 a year for access to their app store, however Blackberry are currently giving the keys away for free in a bid to increase the amount of content on their store. Even if you have no immediate plans to create content for either their mobile or tablet products, it still makes good sense to pick up some keys for them while they are free.

Get Blackberry Playbook and Mobile device signing keys for free at https://www.blackberry.com/SignedKeys/.

Blackberry Playbook development with AIR: I am now a Playbook Developer!

Blackberry, as you may have seen advertised, has had a tablet in development for some time now called the Playbook. Although I was aware of the Playbook at this time, I was properly introduced to the technology at a TIGA meeting where Anders Jeppsson demonstrated the capabilities of the product to us all.

Blackberry Playbook

My new, free Blackberry Playbook!

One of the really great features of the Playbook is that it is able to run Flash content really well, meaning there is a huge library of legacy content out there just waiting to be ported to the Playbook. I navigated to Kongregate to have a look at some of the titles there and to get a better picture of the performance. Surprisingly, a lot of the non mobile specific content ran very well with decent frame rates, however some high end games with very complex visuals such as Elephant Quest were not really playable.

Since then Blackberry have been kind enough to send me a free Playbook so I can develop games for the device. Initial set up is lengthy, but the article Using Flash Builder 4.5 to Package Applications for BlackBerry Tablet OS Devices provided all the information I needed to develop using my IDE of choice.

I cannot wait to get some games out there on the Blackerry Playbook. Im happy that they have implemented AIR so well into the operating system, although the product is a bit short in other areas. The App World needs a lot more applications, so I hope more Flash developers will make the effort to release their more popular titles on the device.