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Davey Jones: TD released with ArmorGames

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Title Screen

Davey Jones: Tower Defence – Title Screen

Were proud to announce that Davey Jones:TD has launched on ArmorGames!

Its been a long time coming, but we are glad it is finally out there. Big thanks to Ewan Brock for all his help creating this game.

If you own a portal and wish to purchase a non-exclusive license, please get in touch with lucy@grindheadgames.com

Soon Davey Jones:TD will be launching on other portals, but until then, head over to ArmorGames!

Introducing Davey Jones: TD

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Title Screen

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Title Screen

Another year, another indie game! We have been hard at work on a new indie game, and are proud to announce: Davey Jones: Tower Defence. As the name suggests, this is a tower defence game!

Davey Jones: Tower Defence will initially be released worldwide on web portals such as Kongregate as a free to play game. We will then port the game to Android and iOS devices, including more content and additional DLC (Downloadable Content Content). This content will also be available to players that play online but won’t be available until the launch of the mobile versions.

We’re lucky to be working with Letsbrock on the project, he is a brilliant illustrator and designer and has done a great job directing an old school, 8bit style. We are very happy to have him on board and have created some screenshots of the game to show you:

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Upgradeable Towers!

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Upgradeable Towers!

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Crabs!

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Crabs!

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Placing Sandcastle Tower

Davey Jones: Tower Defence - Placing Sandcastle Tower

LetsBrock has also enlisted the help of LittleBrock who has created some 8-bit shanty music to serenade you as you build up your defences. We have uploaded the main theme to SoundCloud for you to preview – have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

We are big fans of other games in this genre, such as Fieldrunners, the Bloons series, Kingdom Rush and of course, Onslaught!
What are your favourite Tower Defence game(s), if any ? Is there anything you would like to see in Davey Jones: Tower Defence ?

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Win a Castle competition with letsbrock!

Letsbrock is a name you may have noticed frequently on this site, he is the creative mastermind of Davey Jones: Lost Souls by night and a fellow geek-ninja at substance by day. Currently he is running an awesome competition that is very easy to enter: just follow him on twitter or facebook! ( he’s not that bad, promise 😉 ) and you are in with a chance to win one of these lovely limited edition screenprints:



Here are the rules:

Add me on the Twitter (click here to see letsbrock do Twitter), retweet one of my numerous comments about the competition and be sure to include the hashtag #letsscreenprint


Add me on the Facebook (click here to see letsbrock do Facebook) and like one of my numerous comments about the competition

You can do both and I’ll give you double the chance of getting your mitts on it.

Winner will be picked on Friday 17th June at random.

Davey Jones: Lost Souls Sneak Preview

Davey Jones Lost Souls is a brand new take at the tossing genre, with added real time action thrown in. It is a project currently in development with Ewan Brock, a talented illustrator eager to expand his portfolio of work in the games industry. The artwork is beautiful, and to show off how it was made here is a behind the scenes video of Ewan in action:

Davey Jones Lost Souls – Work In Progress from Ewan Brock on Vimeo.

The game features highly customisable characters, that can be adjusted to suit the players requirements and style of play. Ewan was able to create “puppet animations” that I can fill with the upgrades chosen by the player. These puppet animations are created in the same way as any other animation, however once the animation is complete the graphics are removed so that they can be customised. The technique is quite different to what some people are used to and the technique can be quite tricky to implement at times. However what it means is that we can create a very large amount of items for players to enjoy and use. We can also add plenty more once the game is out so keep your eyes peeled for extra content!

The pirate theme is such a fun genre to create a game in. The sights and sounds of the pirate genre creates so many fun opportunities when designing a game. We have had a lot of fun creating fun items for players to interact with, and hidden goodies for players to unlock and enjoy. Throughout the game you will be treated to some hilariously bad humour, that is in no way funny at all. But we hope you may smile at our pathetic attempt at wit.

The upgrades in the game are built in a way that allow us to add more content to the game during its lifespan, creating much more hours of fun for players. We hope players will enjoy the game, and we look forward to releasing it. Im not going to put a date on when that will be, but if you like the look and sound of Davey Jones: Lost Souls then let us know!

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