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  1. The game has bugs in Armor Game, If you start your name with J in Please enter your name, the in game special attack not work, heal and restore MP….etc. So you can only use normal attack. other skill is glitch. please check it out.

  2. I’ve been playing this game at Armor Games, and frequently, the magic attacks do not clear after they are performed. My character has never yet reappeared after a Lvl 2 Limit Break (although I come on the screen briefly to perform standard attacks at about half-way between my normal position and the enemy). The animated dragon from the Dragon Attack, the fully extended thorns from Hell Thorn, and the enemy Firestorm attacks routinely remain on the screen after the attack is performed, and then ‘walk along’ with my character to the next encounter. I’m not sure if this is related to things like ‘Heal’ occasionally not working at all (which has killed me at least twice so far.)

    It looks like a good game (and I’m sure the fact that I keep trying to play despite the above complaints should speak for that), but the bugs get in the way of making it truly enjoyable.

    I can provide screen-shots if that would help. I’m using Firefox 17.0.1 on a Windows XP machine.

  3. Hi there, sorry for the late reply, weve been hard at work fixing these issues people have had. Although we did perform a lot of user testing, we didnt test well enough on low powered machines. The problems people have been facing with the battle system are caused by dropped frames and the game lagging out – these issues have now been resolved and a new version will uploaded to ArmorGames on Monday. Some users reported that lowering the stage quality helped them – this was due to the frame rate issue.

    Other problems people experienced was due to saving and achievements. These issues are also fixed, and the game is much smoother and bug free. Hopefully it will not be long before we release on mobile.

    We apologise for these issues, and hope you play the game again once the update is live!

    Thanks to everyone that has reported an issue.

    1. On Armor Games, I’ve tried three separate names including the default name of Player, as well as James and Lucien, and it has you start at level 30, with 1.5 million hp. You never unlock special attacks or spells. By the end of the game with no level grinding, I had 6.5 million hp before Penitau, 8.5 after three level ups, with the boss itself having 231,040 hp. I am on a Macbook Air running OS X Lion, and a friend running Windows 8 on a Gateway NE71B series Notebook encountered the same problem.

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