Enola: Prelude reaches new milestone.

We have been working hard on Enola: Prelude recently and thought it would be good to share some of the progress with you. We are currently levelling the game, making sure that all the enemies and player abilties have the correct mana cost and deal the right amount of damage. This is a laborious process, however we are glad to report that about 75% of the levelling required is complete.

Enola: Prelude development progress

Enola: Prelude development progress

This process is taking a long time because RPG’s contain a lot of numbers that need to be balanced correctly. There are 16 player spells in the game, and lots of enemies with multiple attacks that all need to be individually balanced. This is no mean feat considering the number of battles and spells in the game, however we expect to have the first round of balancing complete by 22nd Septemeber 2012.

Critical bug fixes have been implemented in the last few days, and we are excited about the progress of Enola: Prelude. Initial user testing highlighted some flaws, but we are already working on improvements for some of the suggestions and overall feedback has been very positive. Once balancing is complete, the Enola: Prelude will be very close to uploading to Flash Game License and looking for sponsorship. The next few days will require a lot of development hours, but we are sure the results will be worth the effort. We can not wait to release this game!

Check back regulary for more development news about Eniola: Prelude.

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4 thoughts on “Enola: Prelude reaches new milestone.

  1. Hello,

    I’ve come across a severe bug in Enola, during the battle with the floater/2 floaters and the floater and monster thing, no spells or limit breaks hit the mobs. The spells will cast and just dangle there the entire match through all the waves not doing damage.

  2. Wow, I’m actually finding that nothing works on any stage. Spells just dangle there and don’t do damage. Only basic attack works. I seriously think you need to test games thoroughly before releasing them.

  3. Fixing weapons / healing does not work on later levels when a lot of action is going on. He’ll go through the animation of healing and fixing but won’t actually do anything. Phoneix Strike almost never works. I agree with the guy ahead of me that this game needs a bunch of bug fixes or it’s just not beatable. I liked the game up to that point even if it was a little easy, but the last level becomes impossible becomes of these bugs.

  4. Hi there, sorry for the late reply, weve been hard at work fixing these issues people have had. Although we did perform a lot of user testing, we didnt test well enough on low powered machines. The problems people have been facing with the battle system are caused by dropped frames and the game lagging out – these issues have now been resolved and a new version will uploaded to ArmorGames on Monday. Some users reported that lowering the stage quality helped them – this was due to the frame rate issue.

    Other problems people experienced was due to saving and achievements. These issues are also fixed, and the game is much smoother and bug free. Hopefully it will not be long before we release on mobile.

    We apologise for these issues, and hope you play the game again once the update is live!

    Thanks to everyone that has reported an issue.

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