Davey Jones: TD is going to be at PAX Prime!

Davey Jones: TD

Davey Jones: TD

We are proud to announce that Davey Jones: TD will be at PAX Prime. Here is the official announcement:

Davey Jones: TD Profile
Notorious pirate Davey Jones is on a quest, scouring the seven seas far and wide, battling ferocious monsters from the deep in order to reclaim and protect his long lost souls. Davey Jones TD is an addictive game where players are challenged to destroy wave upon wave of monstrous enemies, complete levels by gaining high-scores and in doing so, upgrade lots and lots of towers in a colourful, 8-bit inspired new IP! The game challenges players to use various strategies in order to defeat an AI that has been coded to adapt to the player as much as possible, testing for weaknesses, learning and changing its’ strategy based upon the opponents play style.

Davey Jones TD Highlights:

    – 10 levels to complete with a 3 tier star ranking system
    – 45 different turrets each with their own play style
    – 24+ enemies (more to be added via IAP)
    – 250+ achievements to unlock
    – bespoke 8-bit inspired sea shanty music that will stay in your head for days

Be a high scorer to win prizes – only at PAX Prime!
Grindhead games are please to announce that they will be running a Davey Jones: TD high score competition throughout PAX prime. Players will be able to enter their email address into the game throughout PAX and the player with the highest score will win a Davey Jones: TD T-shirt, mouse mat, key ring, pen and stickers. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place will each receive a Davey Jones: TD T-shirt, pen and key ring. After the PAX event finishes the winner and runners up will be notified via email if they are the lucky winners. Updates on the competition will also be posted on the Grindhead games twitter feed, so make sure you’re an @GrindheadGames follower to stay in the know and up to date!

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