TheBestOf: Bus Pull

Bus Pull is a Guitar Hero style game created for’s online campaign. It was one of 4 games created alongside VIP Q Jump that allowed players to compete for vouchers in their local areas.

TheBestOf: Bus Pull screenshot

TheBestOf: Bus Pull screenshot

The game places the player in the heat of a race. You must pull TheBestOf bus to the finish line before your opponent. To gain momentum, players hit the arrow keys as they move into correct positon, making sure they get they are careful with their timing. Gaining combos increases the players momentum, helping him to win the race faster and earning more points. Pressing the keys incorrectly will slow down the player, reduce their score and make it harder to win the race.

TheBestOf: Bus Pull avatar builder

TheBestOf: Bus Pull Avatar Builder

The game also features a avatar system that allows the player to customise their character before playing the game. They are able to challenge others to race against their time and compete for those all allusive bragging rights.

To play TheBestOf: Bus Pull, head over to

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