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Selfridges: Elfridges

Elfridges Title

Elfridges Title

We worked with the #1 department store in the world, Selfridges, to create the game Elfridges as part of their Christmas 2014 campaign. The platformer, which was created in HTML5, features 4 zones with bonus levels and a tough final boss at the end of the game. Each zone was themed around a specific store which helped promote that location, and each has their own intro scene:

Elfridges Intro

Elfridges Intro

The game features several quests that the user must complete to get a top score. The quests are given by cute animals within each zone, and require the player to find a hidden item within the zone they are currently in. We used Phaser and PhaserLE to provide the backbone of the games architecture, and we packaged the game for the Apple App Store using CocoonJS. Cocoon is quite powerful, and enabled us to hit frame rates of 60FPS, and also support features such as Facebook and twitter integration.

Elfridges Quest

Elfridges Quest

You can download the Elfridges Game from the Apple App store here.You can also view a cool review on Youtube here.

Twitter, Hash Tags, Flash and URLEncoding

Recently while working on a project I had to create a way for users to Tweet a message from the application that included a hash tag in the message. To achieve this functionality, we can use a Twitter URL and pass it the message we wish to display.

We can use navigateToURL to load the url. A URLRequest automatically URL encodes the variables when it is sent, but however will not work with hash tags. Not good!

Hope is not lost however, as within Flash there is however a top level escape() function that will URLEncode a string. We can use this to help with our URLRequest because after manually typing the URL we can simply append the escaped information onto the end of it.

navigateToURL( new URLRequest("http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text="+ escape("Hey, thanks GrindheadGames! #grindheadgames http://wp.me/p18Vcr-6y")),"_blank");

This will allow you to post messages to Twitter that includes special characters like hash tags.

Twitter launch new Follow button

Twitter is one of the most used social networks on the web, and it is incredibly useful for developers regardless of which language they use. Users interact with Twitter by following others, subscribing them to that users updates in which they have 140 characters to share text or links. I personally love Twitter, and have found many interesting articles and code gems from simply following other people with the same interests.

Twitter has recently launched a new Follow button, allowing developers to add a button to websites they build which allows users to easily follow a particular user. It seems like a good idea, however it has been a long time coming in my opinion. The service has been crying out for this for ages so it is good to finally see it materialise.

twitter follow button screenshot

Twitter Follow button screenshot

I have updated this site with the shiny new button and you can see it on the right. Twitter has made things as simple as possible for developers wanting to use the button, creating a UI that allows people to easily customise the design. It is quite limiting however and many people will want to write some custom CSS for its presentation.

Overall I think this is a good move for Twitter and if you use the service then you should really consider making space for this button. If you do not use Twitter, then you really should try it out, and possibly: