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Starling Stress Test/Benchmark of 1,000 Particles

Starling Stress Test

Starling Stress Test

The other day while working on a project we needed to gauge the speed of AIR on mobile, and to do so we created a stress test to see just how fast the latest AIR 3.6 SDK was. We created a small AIR application using Starling and decided to share it with the community. The application creates 1000 particles which are emitted by two emitters, one produces 500 Cowlorful Cows and the other 500 GrindheadGames logos. It seems to run at a solid 30FPS on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an Apple 4S, however we would love to hear performance reports from other mobile devices, so please leave a comment if run the test yourselves.

We have made a zip folder for the Starling Benchmark so that you can download the code and run it yourself. Instructions are included how to get the project to compile, but leave a comment if you get stuck. There is also a precompiled APK in the build folder, so you can run the test on Android without having to compile if you want to. You will have to set up development certificates to get the application to compile for iOS, there is no precompiled file for the platform included.

We created used the Starling framework and the Particles extension to run this, make sure you add them to the source path to build the project.