ODEON XMen: First Class Facebook Application

Odeon XMen: First Class Screenshot

Odeon XMen: First Class Screenshot

I recently had the joy of working on a project at Substance to promote the release of the new XMen movie, a Facebook application allowing fans of the series to vote for their local cinema. The cinema with the most amount of votes at the end of the campaign wins the opportunity to host an exclusive screening of the movie and two lucky winners receive free tickets to the event. Very cool!

Once more I used the Gaia Flash Framework to save time with development and provide a code base to develop on. For anyone that has not used it before, it is really good for quickly building Flash websites and small applications. It provides a lot of features ‘out of the box’ such as preloading and navigation throughout each page and saves the developer a lot of leg work involved in setting up a project.

I worked again with Neil Young who provided me with a easy to use PHP REST API to access the backend. I hooked up the application to an instance of the Google Maps API which we then used to plot the info. Each cinema involved in the competition has its longitude and latitude details stored in a database, so it was easy to loop through the results and plot them. We also used the REST API to count votes.

Unfortunately, the designer who worked on this project isn’t in the office today and I am unsure as to who actually designed this wonderful Facebook app. However, I have a feeling it was by Per Gustaffsson and even if it wasn’t, I’d like to thank him for it. He is a great designer who has recently become a Dad for the first time! Congratulations to Per!!

To have a look at the project, head over to the Official Xmen UK Facebook page.

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