Gaia Framework update 3.2.5 bug.

Gaia is an awesome framework for building full flash websites Its feature set contains very useful tools such as built in search engine optimisation and deep linking that save a developer lot of time when putting these projects together. The 3.2.5 update released 04/09/2011 fixed many bugs, however there are a few pitfalls still to avoid when creating a project and importing it into Flex or Flash Builder. I use a Mac and I can’t say if this problem occurs when developing on a Windows machine however when exporting a project Gaia seems to mess up the output of the first line in the .actionScriptProperties file, preventing it from compiling. What you get on the first line is a series of random characters that will cause a null pointer exception within Flash Builder when the project is imported and opened. To avoid this problem, delete the first line in the .actionScriptProperties file before this xml tag:

<xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”no”>

Now you should be able to compile the project and enjoy all the benefits from using Gaia for Flash Development.

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