Cowlorful has been sent to sponsors!

Over the last few months I have been working during evenings and weekends on a Box2D platform game called Cowlorful with my good friend and talented artist, Jimp. I have found Cowlorful a pleasure to work on, this is possibly due to the fact that it looks so pretty!

Cowlorful Title

Cowlorful Title

The game features 19 action packed levels, which Jimp carefully put designed and put together. We originally wanted to do more, but because of my workload I did not have enough time to create any. It is a shame as I would have liked to have created a couple, but I think there is a healthy amount of content regardless. The main problem I had was with the performance, the graphics can be quite intense, so making it all run fast was an issue.

Initial Level Design

The game also contains 40 hats that the player can unlock and wear. Why would a cow want to wear a hat you may ask? Well, because cows are pimps. There are also 10 side quests available to complete and some more hidden secret hidden goodies, such as the Golden Udders. Who knows what these do ? I hope you enjoy finding out!

The game has now been sent to sponsors and we are both excited to see what they think. We have decided to email portals directly this time instead of using FlashGameLicense, at least initially. It will be interesting to see if we can avoid the 10% cut that FGL take out of your profit, I hope we can! I will post up some more information and the release date as I find out. Keep your eyes peeled!

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3 thoughts on “Cowlorful has been sent to sponsors!

  1. I’ve played the last level through three times now, each time meticulously making sure I touched every tile. It said I had 100% before I exited the stage, but then in the level complete window it said I had 99%. I assume that’s a matter of rounding. But what am I missing? I made sure to look for blocks that might be hidden behind other blocks. I should mention that there was one tile near the bottom of the stage that’s colored in from the start without me having to go near it. Could that glitch have something to do with it?

    1. Hi Kyle – unfortunately this does look like your experiencing a bug here. I will look into this problem, and make sure it is fixed for the forthcoming update. Thanks a lot for taking the time to report this – it really helps!

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