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Little Fishes Indiegogo

Little Fishes Promotional from Little Fishes on Vimeo.

We are proud to support the Little Fishes Indiegogo, a indie film from Sunderland. Here is a break down from the guys and girls themselves:

Little Fishes is a story about Ben and Rosie, a brother and sister who leave home to search for adventure. They meet a mysterious fisherman named John, who takes them under his wing and teaches them how to survive on the open ocean. As Ben recognises a father figure in John, Rosie notices something otherworldly about the man. And she soon realises she’ll have to face her fears to save her brother.

Little Fishes was developed from an original story called Enigma by Aaron O’Sullivan. Over the past few months, along with the director of the project Garry Frost, the screenplay has been honed and perfected through workshops, writing seminars and advice from industry professionals.

Little Fishes is a University project, but even so we intend to ignore the learning curve and go straight for professional industry standard!

What We Need & What You Get

So this is where you come in! For this project we need help with funding in the following areas;

Equipment Rental (Specialist Camera & Lighting Gear)
Transportation of Cast and Crew during the production
Van rental (to help our poor broken backs carry all this heavy gear)
Costume, Make-Up and Props (for our set design and cast, it’s all about the finer details)
And you’ll receive some generous gifts! Such as;
DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the film
Special “thank you’s” on our social networking sites
Photographic Stills from the Production
Any contribution you can make is much appreciated! And we won’t forget your marvellous generosity.

Other Ways You Can Help

Filmmaking is a passion for us. It’s something we care about deeply. Storytelling plays a major part in that, in fact it’s what cinema is about. Your contributions help us to tell a story we think is important. A story that reflects different aspects of ourselves as people.
Log on to Facebook and like our page! Follow us on Twitter! Help us spread the word about this original and gripping tale. And tell your friends and family about us, any bit of help, be it big or small, is greatly appreciated.
And remember to check back for updates on the progress of the film, you are the audience! And this film is for you.

Returning a value to a specific decimol point in AS3

Making games, we often use Number variables to store information. However, displaying these can be tricky, as the Textfield may only have space for a certain amount of characters. In scenarios such as this, it is useful to use the toFixed() method on variable to return a value to the correct decimol point. For instance:

var textField:TextField = new TextField();

var num:Number = 0.12341344525234523523453;

textField.text = num.toFixed(2);

The code above would change to value of the textField variable to 0.12. This is because the toFixed() method returns the number but only to the decimol point index specified in the parameters.

Getting Started with the ImpactJS Framework on OSX

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your development environment for ImpactJS on Mac OSX.

To begin with, if you have not already purchased ImpactJS, do so here. ImpactJS is not free, and costs $99 to buy. It is a really good engine, and comes with many features such as a level editor. Here is a brief introduction video on ImpactJS, so you can learn more about the features if you are unfamiliar with them.

Once you have ImpactJS, you need a local server to run them. For this there are two popular options. OSX comes with an Apache server installed, which you can enable by using the System Preferences > Sharing > Web Sharing. Once you have turned this feature on, placing the files in the Sites folder is all you need to do to run Impact.

It works

It works

Alternatively, download and install MAMP. Once installed, place the ImpactJS files inside the htdocs folder and then simply direct your browser at the files. By default this would be http://localhost:8888/impact/ If set up correctly, you should now see the default ImpactJS ‘It Works’ screen.

Mochi London 2012

Mochi London 2012

Mochi London 2012

Mochi London is rapidly approaching us, this year the event is being thrown on September 15-16th. The Mochi Media sponsored event is a good place for developers to hear great talks, and also meet some other fellow indie game enthusiasts. As ever the event is free, and there are some really interesting speakers this year, several of which have spoken at Flash on the Beach in Brighton. The artist working on Enola: Prelude, Jimp, is doing a talk entitled Game Aesthetics & Branding so were looking forward to that especially.

Here is the speaker line up:

Iain Lobb, Indie Game Developer – ‘Super Gun Kids: The Making Of…‘
Tom Vian, Co-founder, SFB Games – ‘Screenplay‘
Rob Donkin, Director, Bad Viking Ltd – ‘Bad Eggs Online: Our Eperiences with Multiplayer & Microtransactions‘
James Pearmain, Freelance Video Game Artist – ‘Game Aesthetics & Branding’
Stuart Allen, Indie Game Developer, FunkyPear – ‘Simple Verlet Physics for Games’

For more information, check out