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A Story of Things Going Exactly to Plan.

Welcome to 2016!

It was about time I made a post, as this page has gotten pretty stagnant as we have been so busy.

2015 was an incredible year, and lets hope 2016 has just as many exciting surprises in store.

So, the first big event of the year for us, MGF London, has been and gone, and we hope that anyone that it had a great time. I was lucky enough to be a speaker in 2015, and GrindheadGames was generously invited back for 2016.

I had a few goals for MGF, this is what we had planned:

1. Have a great time and meet a lot of cool, interesting people.
2. Meet publishers interested in publishing our titles.
3. Meet VCs and Angel Investors looking to invest in GrindheadGames, and allow us more financial freedom in releasing our own IP.

After getting prepared and excited, I never even made it there. Instead, I spent the two days of the event in Watford General Hospital – not really what I had in mind. 2016 was supposed to be a big year for us, and this initial set back has not really helped much.

However, you have to take the rough with the smooth, and to quote the great Atmosphere:

“When life gives you lemons… paint that shit gold!”

So where do we go from here?

You pick yourself up off the floor, and try harder than ever. There are plenty more events to go to, and there are quite a few exciting developments behind the scenes here at GrindheadGames that are progressing well.

One cat I can let out of the bag is that this website will be getting a new lick of paint soon! As we have been so busy it has become extremely neglected, and we are looking forward to seeing it get a facelift.

Here is an early preview of our design so far:

GrindheadGames Website Low Res Preview

GrindheadGames Website Low Res Preview

Let us know what you think! It is not finished yet, but it already looks a lot better than the current site we have online. I expect to launch the new site around March, if things go well.

Our Facebook page has also been updated, so check that out and Like the page if you want to keep up to date with our work.

Once again, we hope everyone that made it to MGF had a great time, and look forward to actually being there next year.

In the meantime, lets do some great work.


Craig Beswetherick

May 2012.

Well we have been busy!

I have ordered and created myself a new working area, which is a lot nicer than were I used to work! Much happier working now and the chair is extra comfy which makes a big difference when your sitting in it for 10 hours a day. Here is a picture:

Office space

Office space

As well as setting up some new office space, I registered Grindhead Games as a Limited Company and moved to a new accountant which seem really good, so for that im pleased. Im also working on a website build for a bank, which is quite different to my normal work but im enjoying the challenge.

I have also just got back from the Red Bull King Of Dirt BMX event at Alexandra Palace in London. It was really good, as was very inspiring to see such gnarly tricks being thrown down. I took a picture of Ryan Nyquist performing a backflip over the first set:

King of Dirt Backflip

King of Dirt Backflip

I am also in the process of building myself a new bike, which is very exciting. I have just received the hubs, check out how bright the paint is! Great piece of design.

NS Bikes Hubs

NS Bikes Hubs