Using Captive Runtime with AIR for Android and Flash Builder 4.6 Tutorial

When creating Adobe AIR applications for Android mobile devices, it is now possible to bundle the AIR runtime into the .apk file so that users do not need to download and install the AIR runtime manually. This is a similar approach to what Adobe have taken with AIR for iOS, as applications do not need the user to install AIR on the device beforehand for applications to run. The downside to this approach is that applications suffer a much larger file size and will not receive any updates to AIR unless the application itself receives an update.

Export Release Build

Export Release Build

Using Flash Builder 4.6, exporting applications using the captive runtime is easy. When exporting your application for distribution, click ‘Project > Export Release Build‘ .

Select Captive Runtime

Select Captive Runtime

Click next, and then make sure you have ‘Export Application with Captive Runtime’ selected and then hit finish. Flash Builder should now export an .apk file into your bin-release folder with the bundled AIR runtime.

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11 thoughts on “Using Captive Runtime with AIR for Android and Flash Builder 4.6 Tutorial

    1. Hi Rod,

      Sorry but I do not know of any way of publishing directly from Flash Pro to AIR with the captive runtime. You can use a tool called ADT which is run using Terminal to achieve this though. Would you find it useful if I wrote a tutorial on how to use it ?

  1. Nice! I tried not including the runtime at first, and the Android Emulator wanted to download and install the thing from the web, then I had to login to Google in order to download. So I quickly realized including it at export time is the best approach šŸ™‚

    Thanks again,

      1. my english is not too good, sory if my words have a mistake..
        i have a question, what about if “next button” is disable?
        help me pliss…i’m using Flash Builder 4.6 and want to create an apk file.

  2. Hey thanks, this is what i needed.
    After using captive runtime for the first app. Is it necessary to do the same with my second app ?
    – If I m making 4 apps which needs Adobe air to run on device. So, making first app with captive runtime and others not with it will do ?
    – If the user uninstalls the first app then will the air embedded with it also get uninstalled ?

    – Is there any alternative for Adobe Content viewer as well ?

    Please reply.

  3. Hi Jmg,

    If you use captive runtime with an AIR application it bundles the AIR runtime within that application package. The bundled runtimes are independent of other applications, and each Application will need to have the runtime bundled with it separately. Each of your 4 applications will need to have the runtime embedded within it, which will get uninstalled if the user uninstalls the application. If one application has the bundled runtime, it can not be used to run other AIR applications on the device. I hope this helps!

    1. Thank you…this is what i wanted to know. But this increases the package size considerably. I hope there is some alternative for this as I cannot use Html5 as I am not getting success with playing audio šŸ™

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