Buy a license for Enola: Prelude

To purchase a site lock for Enola: Prelude please contact either or for more information.

Alternatively, if you are a portal you can download the Enola gamepack which contains all you need to host Enola:Prelude here: Enola:Prelude Gamepack

Thanks for supporting Enola:Prelude – we hope you like the game!

GrindheadGames and Jimp.

8 thoughts on “Buy a license for Enola: Prelude

  1. hi. i like the music from the snow stages between the second to last boss and the final boss. that music sounds very good, very melodic in a way. i would like to listen to it for personal use. i would like to have that background music. i hope it would be ok. if not that is fine. thank you for your time.
    shalum. peace be.

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